Transforming the UK government to be design-lead

In 2015 I founded a brand new 5m programme of work at GDS with approval from the minister for the Cabinet office to transform government services.

I lead that programme for 4 years, delivering a number of vital services and products to support departments to deliver better services.

Some highlights include:

  • Launching the GOV.UK Design System that contains all the styles, components and design patterns that teams in government need to create user-centred digital services.
  • Updating the service digital standard to be the government service standard, creating one standard for all government services in the UK
  • Establishing a new way of delivering government services that stretch across departmental and role-based siloes by creating service communities
  • Establishing government’s first user-centered design training scheme
  • Enabling sot support end to end services
  • Establishing the government’s accessibility function
  • Establishing the government’s user-centered design function

The brilliant delivery and product leads who helped make these ideas a reality: Deb McRoth, Holly Garrett, Pete O’Sullivan, Gethin Jones, Ben Tate, Rob LeQuinne and many, many others


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