Delivering the first government design system

In 2018 I established the GOV.UK Design System to ensure all UK government services are designed consistently.

Building on the work that the cross-government community had built previously, I established a team that set about replacing the various temporary solutions the had been created, replacing them with the world’s first fully accessible design system for government.

This now includes GOV.UK Frontend (a consistent front end for all government services), the GOV.UK Prototyping Kit (which helps people to build services that look lie quickly and easily) and the Design System its self which contains all of the patterns and styles needed to build a digital public service in the UK.

The patterns in the Design System are curated by GDS, but created by the teams of 2000+ designers across the UK civil service, enabling the learning from those teams to be shared widely throughout the community. This community is supported by the team I also created in 2018 to grow and support that community. [LINK]

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