Writing the UK’s accessibility law

Government has a responsibility to deliver services to 100% of users, 100% of the time. That means that all government services need to not just be accessible, but inclusive of people who have other needs or issues accessing services – such as not having an internet connection, or working during traditional government office hours.

In 2016 I established the cross-government accessibility and inclusion team to support departments to be able to make their services accessible to all.

Under the expert leadership of Allistair Duggin, this team founded the accessibility leaders network, cross-government accessibility community and empathy lab and launched a new piece of legislation that protects the rights of users to fully accessible public services in the UK and across Europe. The consultation that supported the development of this legislation was as also the first fully accessible consultation in Government.

The team also published the UK government’s first-ever accessibility guidance – 23 guides created in collaboration with depts across, gov and built to serve the 800+ members of the govt accessibility community and leaders network.

Alistair Duggin, Ben Carpenter and the Accessibility team

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