Sleep with me


Ambient togetherness for BERG little- printer

The world is full of ways to communicate with each other, but separation often has more to do with a loss of ‘being together’ than active participation in a conversation. How might separated people be brought closer together through sharing ambient experiences of each other?

Little printer is a tiny, intimate device – with a human scale, giving it a potentially trusted position in someone’s home suitable for close communication between people. With paper that lasts for only a few months without degrading or falling apart, the device suited an asynchronous communication with another person that didn’t interrupt their everyday lives.

Using the semi-translucent quality of BERG’s Little Printer’s thermal receipt paper, Sleep With Me allows users to subscribe to regular images of the night sky in a particular place or time, slotting the image into a light box to create a mini paper planetarium, allowing them to ‘sleep together’ under the same sky.

Over time the image will fade to black with the heat from the light, in time for the next issue of Night Sky.

Images generated by John Walker’s Your Sky project.

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