Chicken shop entropy

chicken_shop_entropy_Louise_Downe_2013This chicken shop It is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It is filled every day, not with people who don’t want to cook, but with people who cant afford to cook.

A chicken burger costs £1.75. Cheaper than you could cook it for at home.

Waste is created when any information is transferred – heat, money, and power all lose bits when they’re transferred. When energy is scarce, waste will become a luxury.

We are actively trying to reduce this transferal by centralising our lives. Moving towards a collective future where much of our lives are run centrally. The heat in our homes is already centralised, whilst eating, washing and cooking become more expensive.

The trouble is, this collective way of thinking is incredibly difficult.

This is a picture of NASA’s mission central after the latest MER rover touched down on Mars.

Teams of hundreds of scientists had spent years carefully crafting a remote laboratory that could survive the extreme conditions.

They altered their body clocks to mars time so that they could operate it more efficiently from earth, switched their language to to talk about sols rather than days. They lived and worked as a team of diverse experts, yet his is how their collective efforts were reported:

The rovers enjoy significant support in congress…

 The Scientist

We live in a world where we think, act and make collectively. And yet we cant understand the world without authorship.