All good things must come to an end

all_good_things_must_come_to_an_end_Louise_Downe_2012This week I saw Erik Kessels talk about ‘In Almost Every Picture’, a series of found photo books that show one thing, by a fluke of documentation repeated in almost every picture.

One book is famously full of pictures of Oolong the Japanese rabbit balancing things on its head, another tells the story of a woman who’s been swimming in her clothes for almost twenty years. I like repetition, so I asked:

>Me: What do you find interesting about repetition?

>Erik: You see the progression of a story, which means you see when it changes and when it ends.

(paraphrasing, I couldn’t find a pen)

All the stories in Kessel’s books come to an end one way or another, mostly because someone stops documenting them.

At Playful Simon Cutts from Coracle press talked at length about his love of producing boxed books, saying:

>They feel like finished objects, like real things

(paraphrasing again)