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Why it’s never a good time for service design

Picture the scene: you’ve just joined a new team, they’re doing good work but they’re plugging away at the wrong problem. You bide your time, thinking of ways to bring them round. Maybe weeks go by as you work on each stakeholder one by one, until one day someone calls it – “look” they say […]

How to talk about gender at events

I love what I do, and I love talking about it. I’m lucky enough to be able to speak about it publically on a reasonably regular basis, but there’s one thing that makes me feel deeply uncomfortable at conferences – and that’s how they talk about gender. Most studies of tech conferences seem to estimate […]

We don’t need another shero

Before I go on I want to be really clear – I support the rights of all people whoever they are. I speak from a position of privilege in many ways, and I also believe that the 100,00s of years of cis-male patriarchy have far more to answer to than what I’m about to describe. […]

Transformation is only as strong as its weakest link

* It’s been a while since I wrote anything here. Mostly because I’ve been fixing stuff, and writing here But there’s something I want to talk about – what transformation means, how we do it and how to stop getting tired when things get hard. Firstly a definition – Big problems often mean big changes, […]

Government services aren’t done yet, so neither am I

In the wake of all of this month’s resignations Tom, Ben, Russell, Leisa and Mike it’s tempting to talk about ‘why I’m staying’ at GDS. To be honest though, I’d rather talk about what we’re doing, because as far as I’m concerned the work has just started. It’s been a while I’ve written anything here, I’ve […]

Hole covers

I’ve been collecting pictures of manhole covers  for over a year. Envelopes – specifically the patterns on the inside of them – got me into it. 3 years ago (according to Tumblr) I started a collection of the security patterns printed in envelopes. I was drawn in by the variation of shapes used in the patterns […]