Finally, Good Services posters and stickers!

At long last, you can now buy posters and stickers with some of the best quotes from Good Services check out the shop here

It’s been a strange few weeks, and in some ways it feels an odd time to be launching something new, but for the past few months I’ve been working hard to get a shop up and running to spread some Good Services fluoro-joy into the dark.

The shop features eye-poppingly bright posters and stickers of the most meme-worthy quotes from the book (ie. The ones people need to hear) designed by the designers of the book Daly Lyon

Since publishing the Good Services in February people have been spreading the messages in it far and wide, especially to colleagues who might not appreciate the way they see the world.

One of the reasons I wrote the book was to shortcut the repetitive questions people in this position often get asked, questions like – ‘what is a service?’ ‘What makes a good one?’ or ‘Why do we need designers on this?’ and in my years at GDS I learned a very important lesson; never underestimate the power of a well placed poster.

That’s why I wanted to produce posters and stickers of the messages in the book; to shortcut those questions even further by pointing folks to a massive, beautiful fluoro poster with your answer on it.

And hey, if that’s just a reminder to yourself that good services are designed and that your job doing that is totally valid when you wake up in the morning, that’s awesome too.

A2 posters are £18, A3 posters £12, stickers £2 (or £8 for 5 / £14 for 11) all printed litho printed on heavywieght 200gsm paper.

Check out the shop here
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