Responsive aesthetics

responsive_aesthetics_Louise_Downe_2012Who can tell which came first, Derek Downey’s beard or his job as the warden of the Davis Bee Sanctuary in California, but I’ve seen this kind of thing before.

I once spent three months working on-site at a well known red-branded telco. Like most large open plan offices, the company’s brand colours were proudly displayed around the building so that you knew where you were – on signage, chairs, banners and posters.

Corporate dressing isn’t usually flamboyant, so for several months I didn’t notice it, then one day at a product launch party I spotted it, they were all wearing purple.

No red, no green. No yellow, orange or turquoise. Apart from the new male contractors, who almost without acceptation were wearing red ties.

Some patterns are self replicating, and it’s not always the big ones.

IMAGE: Derek Downey, Bee Jesus and proud owner of a fantastic beard.